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We aim towards continual professional development for the company as an entity and for all of our team members. This allows us to meet and exceed expectations across every project we take on, regardless of size, scale or complexity. This page will be updated on an ongoing basis with our latest certification, accreditation and accolades, where applicable and relevant.

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Alba Dewatering Case Studies

Case Study: Barrow in Furness WwtW Outfall

Temporary Wellpoint Dewatering

August, 2014

Client: United Utilities

Principle Contractor: Farrans

Project Specifications

Construction of a new 2.4-kilometre-long sea outfall pipeline, across Roosecote Sands in Barrow in Furness. This outfall extension was to improve dispersion of the final effluent in the Walney Channel. The construction and installation of the pipeline required the ground conditions to be stable and dry.

Due to the high-water table, tidal effect and nature of the ground conditions across the whole of the site, a simple opencut pipeline excavation would not be achievable.


Alba Dewatering Services Ltd. was tasked with designing a dewatering system that would allow the pipe laying contractor to increase productivity with the difficult site conditions.

The ground water control systems design consisted of a wellpoint system being installed. All the wellpoints required a zone 2 filter media placing around the filter to increase the vertical permeability and avoid blockages with the movement of the tides.

All the suction pipes and discharge pipes were secured to the ground using ‘U’ shaped steel bars that allowed us to leave all the pipes in-situ during the tides and only remove the pumpset, thus taking less time to set up and achieve drawdown of the water after the tide, allowing the contractors to increase production.

The job proved that through careful design, planning, innovation and collaboration, success with even the most challenging of conditions can be achieved.

Profile: Alba Dewatering Services Ltd.

With over 30 years’ experience in the design, supply and installation of groundwater control systems, Alba Dewatering Services are able to offer unmatched levels of knowledge and expertise with ‘real world solutions’ to your groundwater problems.

Our experience in the dewatering industry includes many projects designed and installed in the U.K and we have a considerable amount of experience designing and installing dewatering systems in North America, Europe, the Middle East and the Far East. We are centrally located in the U.K., but are capable of fulfilling projects of all sizes around the world.

At Alba Dewatering Services we pride ourselves on our ‘can-do’ attitude. The customer always comes first for us, and we are confident that once you have used our services you won’t need to look anywhere else!


Constructionline, Gold.

Achilles UVDB Silver +

CHAS Accredited Contractor

Builders Profile Safe Contractor

ISO 9001,14001 and 45001

PDF of case study:

Barrow in Furness Case Study

Case Study, Viking Link Temporary Wellpoint Dewatering

August, 2022

Client: National Grid

Principle Contractor: Balfour Beatty

Project Overview

Viking Link is 1400 Mw high voltage current electric link between the British transmission systems connecting at Bicker Fen and Jutland, Denmark.

The project involved the construction of a convertor station in each country, with the installation of 760km submarine and underground cables enabling electricity exchange between Great Britain and Denmark.

Project Specifications

Construction of twin cable ducts and Joint bays running through low lying fen land throughout Lincolnshire.

Joint bays would be constructed every 1000m and the cable would be pulled from Joint bay to Joint bay through the cable ducting and jointed.

National grid insisted that the ground condition were dry due to in pipe ducting being laid on and surrounded by CBS.

Being Fen land meant the highwater table and only having a permit to pump 20000 litres per day across the whole work site, would cause problems for the duct installation team and delay the program.


Alba Dewatering Services ltd designed a dewatering system that would allow the ducting contractor to meet their program schedule with the difficult site conditions.

The ground water control systems were designed to abstract the water and be used for recharge because of the low discharge pumping permits that the Principle Contractor had put in place with the aid and advice of various Environmental agencies.

Alba Dewatering installed the proposed system, the efficacy of which was then demonstrated to the Environmental agencies for approval, which was achieved. Following this, we were asked if there was any way to increase the production to allow a second duct laying crew to get infront of the program.

A third installation crew and more equipment was deployed to make the installation of the dewatering and drawdown of the water table more efficient.

Over the course of the project, Alba Dewatering was totally self-sufficient, providing all machinery fuels and welfare to achieve completion 6 weeks ahead of schedule.

PDF of case study:

Viking Link Case Study