Groundwater can contain contaminants or become polluted with organic and inorganic chemicals that can be a hazard to public health. For example, water can contain levels of organic substances such as iron, manganese, calcium and magnesium that are deemed too high to be safe by regulatory bodies. To resolve this, a variety of remediation techniques can be used.

At Alba Dewatering, we help by taking a sample from pumping systems and bore holes. Once these are analysed for types of contaminant, and the conditions are examined, we can recommend and carry out the best method for the job.

Biological Method

Biological remediation involves the use of microorganisms to break down unwanted chemicals that are sometimes not easy to separate from the water. The indigenous microorganisms break down the matter through biosparging and bioventing.

Chemical Method

Equally, chemical remediation is commonly used to remove hardness and heavy metals in groundwater. This is achieved through carbon absorption, ion exchange, oxidation and chemical precipitation. Chemical remediation is sometimes used with physical remediation to get the best results. However, it is one of the most costly and least cost-effective methods of remediation due to its prolonged timeline.

Physical Remediation

This method is used to treat groundwater which is contaminated by volatile organic compounds like petroleum hydrocarbons. Pressurised air can be used to strip the water clean – a method called air sparging – or water is pumped directly using filters to remove large gravel or rock, and then filtering the water biologically or chemically to achieve the best result.

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Bespoke permanent dewating system to lower groundwater at an underground car park in Edinburgh@2x
Bespoke permanent dewating system to lower groundwater at an underground car park in Edinburgh@2x
Bespoke permanent dewating system to lower groundwater at an underground car park in Edinburgh@2x








What our clients say

We used the guys at Alba a few years ago on a major project for some significant over pumping and control and the service was flawless – would recommend every time….
John H.
… we were very happy with your service.

From appointment to you being on site the time frame was very quick (a few days)…On site works were also hassle free.

We would be happy to use your services again

Pat M., Lavin Group

I spent a year in Barrow as Construction Manager for UU on this project with Farrans. The tidal range dictated the hours we worked and has to be one of the top 5 projects I have been involved in. The ground conditions were a challenge to say the least. When anyone says we have have bad ground, I always pull up videos from Barrow. Alba with Farrans and JD excavations worked with collaboration as a key focus to achieve the end goal. Without Alba the project would simply not have been completed on time and to budget.

Daniel T.
My colleagues and I at A Hak echo the praise and appreciation at the sterling work …the crew have done for us on the project. They faced a difficult task in the narrowest of working areas and they performed admirably.

We were also extremely impressed at the way they mucked in generally, earning praise and respect from all.

Many thanks from all the team, and we will not hesitate to use Alba Dewatering again on future projects.

Rob B., K Home International

Couldn’t fault your company one bit, dealt with Chris from start to finish and it was a pleasure dealing with him, organised everything on site and your team carried out first class job for us.

We will definitely be using you again.

Pete B, Caecillian Ltd

“I’m emailing about the dewatering we have set up on site …. it’s all working which is fantastic … and a big thankyou to you and your team on that front.”

S.E, J N Bentley
Excellent company – would be delighted to use their services again if and when I have a requirement.
Dominic N., JD Excavations

Great workmanship as always. Works through all the elements!

Carwyn H., Binnies

Brilliant service, very responsive and quick to attend to install, deal with any issues and demobilise.

Craig H., Shannonside Civil Engineering

Alba advised and installed complex dewatering system on our site; the Alba Ops on the ground were very knowledgeable and installation went as planned.

On a few occasions I had to call the Alba Foreman for advice out of hours; each time the phone was answered and I was given instructions over the phone to rectify the problem.

Andres S.
Our go-to dewatering specialist.
D.H. , Senior QS.
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