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Well points can be installed quickly and easily in most ground conditions and is the most versatile type of dewatering. Used to control groundwater levels and create a dry and stable working environment, well point dewatering can be used for excavations, trenches, foundations and structures that are being constructed below the groundwater level.
Well point dewatering works by installing well points with either a jetting pump using water or via an auger with a hollow stem. These well points are attached to a header pipe via flexible pipes with taps which allow the flows to be adjusted. These are attached to our modern fleet of super silent pumps which then send the water out through a settlement tank to be discharged to a suitable location.
Alba have an extensive range of equipment to deal with every situation nationwide, night and day.

Deep Wells
Deep wells are effective where there are large volumes of groundwater to be removed and where the permeability of the soil is moderate to high. A deep well system is typically installed over a wide area beneath excavations of below 6m in depth and consists of a several wells, acting together to lower groundwater levels. This series of boreholes are installed inside or outside the excavation area and are lined with a slotted screen and granular filter pack through the strata.

They are pumped by electrical submersible pumps at the base of each well which is connected to the surface by a riser pipe through which water is pumped into a common header main before being discharged. As water is pumped from each well, the groundwater is lowered creating a cone of depression or drawdown around itself.
Alba dewatering have the capabilities to deal with all aspects of deepwell systems, including design, drilling, installation, pump testing, monitoring and on-site maintenance.

Shallow vacuumed wells
These are wells smaller in diameter and shorter than the traditional pumping well. A vacuum well draws the water quicker to the well than a standard gravity well and are also better in low permeability ground.

wells are drilled and installed just like deep wells in lower permeability soils, High pressure water from a tank and supply pumps at ground level is circulated down the well into an ejector nozzle and venturi at the foot of the well. The water flow generates a vacuum in the well, drawing the groundwater in. It then returns to surface the excess water drained off and the rest of the water, and on to the supply pump for recirculation.

For further information about wellpoint dewatering contact us on 01283 585 700 or email info@albadewatering.co.uk.

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Example of our wellpoint dewatering services witch a cable run in sea at Ramsgate site

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St Helens

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St Helens

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