Hello and welcome to Issue 1 of  #ThePipeline, Alba Dewatering’s monthly newsletter!

You may have noticed that we’re posting more frequently across our LinkedIn page, and over the last couple of weeks we’ve also launched our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages. This is all in an effort to engage more with our clients, suppliers, prospective clients, and the industry at large.

Essentially, we have plans. We’re moving forwards and building momentum. As part of that ongoing plan we’re also aiming to deliver on some of our founding principles, namely transparency and honesty. We also sincerely believe that our strength comes from our team – their skills, their personalities, their work ethic. We want you to know who Alba Dewatering are, at all tiers, in all locations. The work we do, how we do it, and who does it. We want to open up this niche industry and invite people in, because it is niche. It flies a little under the radar in the larger construction space, as vital as it is to numerous other sectors under the greater industry umbrella.

So, as a first step on that path, who is we?

Hello! My name is Sif Brookes and I am the Communications and Engagement Co-Ordinator for Alba Dewatering. Chances are, most of the posts you will see and have seen would have been posted by me. My job is to ensure communication lines are robust both internally and externally, as well as help the company to establish themselves digitally. It’s no secret that the construction sphere tends to put aside digital infrastructure – that’s to be expected. Construction-based businesses tend to be hands-on, hard-working, in the trenches, with a workforce that is focused on projects and doing the job at hand. That’s the paradigm, that’s the nature of the industry. Saying that, there are exceptions to the rule, namely larger, international enterprises. Personally, I’d love to hear more from SMEs in the UK, to read about their experiences and perspectives and expertise and what they have to offer.

Consider this a soft call to action, then. Are you a small business owner or manager in the construction space? We’d love to connect and to hear more about your work and your sector.

In the meantime, we’ll be sending out newsletters on a monthly basis with updates on our latest projects, spotlights on our team, and insights into our perspectives on the industry. Let’s see what the next few months brings! Onwards and upwards.

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