This month features: a birthday, environmental sustainability, and many redacted words.

This time around I am going to do something a little bit different and offer up a sneak peak of the case study we’re currently working on for distribution. But first! I’m going to drop a team member spotlight because I’m determined for that to become a thing. It will!

So, here’s Andy Collier, Alba Site Operations Manager, standing in front of a few of our pumps. It’s also his birthday today! (Happy Birthday!) I work frequently with Andy when it comes to putting together our operator packs ready for project mobilisation.


Side note, if you’re an employee of Alba Dewatering and want to be featured, come see me in the office. People tend to scatter when photos and spotlights are mentioned.

Environmental Considerations and Developments on the Horizon

As promised (? That seems like the wrong word…predicted!) the socials have been a touch quieter as my duties have taken me away from updating our front-end channels. It should be business as usual over the next couple of months as we start to look towards the winter months. For now, the management and office teams have been giving some thought on how to enhance Alba Dewatering’s environmental and sustainability initiatives.

After all, we’re very aware that dewatering has the potential to be not the most environmentally friendly practice. From the materials that are often used to create wellpoints and boreholes, to the incredibly damaging potential impact of poor management of water deposits, there’s plenty of opportunity to set new best practices. Which is exactly what we’re aiming to do.

Naturally, we follow current regulations to the letter when it comes to where and how we deposit any groundwater we remove from a site, but we’re constantly looking towards being ‘better’.  As it stands, we are often asked for our expertise on environmental considerations when it comes to groundwater control and management.

It’s with that firmly in mind that I offer this sneak peak of the next case study which involved Alba Dewatering presenting a risk assessment and offering our perspective on how to go about doing the works in a safe and compliant manner. It’s a bit redacted, but don’t let that turn you off giving it a read.

Case Study Sneak Peak

As the [REDACTED] runs underground, Alba Dewatering was brought on in [REDACTED] to dewater certain segments to ensure site safety and soil stability. In advance of that, in [REDACTED], Alba Dewatering was asked to facilitate environmental impact consultation in regard to identifying low/negligible impact approaches, or otherwise suggest mitigation techniques.

In this, we conducted a comprehensive risk assessment within the framework of groundwater control and management. This assessment included a hydrogeological description of the site, regulatory obligations, identification of environmental receptors, potential for subsidence, recommended mitigations, and potential precautions to take over the project’s timeline.

Altogether, Alba Dewatering was happy to provide our expertise in achieving the necessary deliverables and provided a detailed technical document with the information requested to move forward with the project. Then, later in the year, we visited the site to conduct our usual duties – to dewater various sites along the [REDACTED] length where needed.

TO BE CONTINUED. We’ll detail some challenges we encountered, and the solutions we used to overcome them. It was a large project that had to navigate ground conditions of all varieties. I’ll get it posted as soon as it’s good to go.

I think that’s everything for this issue. We’ll be looking at environmental improvements over the next, well, couple of years (and beyond), so expect intermittent updates on that front.

See you next month!

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