Let’s get this started! Welcome to another edition of The Pipeline Newsletter – a little peak into the world of dewatering. It’s a niche industry, but, even if we do say so ourselves, it’s an important element on the greater construction landscape. Pardon the pun, but it sets the foundation to ensure safety and sound construction.

First, let’s talk Ireland and overseas projects….

We’re spreading our wings this year and endeavouring to do more projects overseas. The pandemic stymied many efforts to navigate the complexities of overseas operations, and that very much included Alba too. For the last couple of years, then, we’ve rarely ventured out beyond the UK borders. Not any longer. Last month, we went to Ireland to do some dewatering works there, and we’ve got further plans to return to doing both domestic and overseas works. Some images of the Ireland project are below.





It had its fair share of challenges. Most notably that it was in a residential area and the works were expansive enough to cause disruption. So, considerations had to be made to reduce said disruption, and ensure that we were operating to the letter of Irish regulations. However, it all went smoothly – done and dusted! Onwards and upward! Ireland was a success.

Vital Office Updates

On the office side of things, we’ve expanded on the Alba Rewatering Station and acquired a couple more very large indoor plants. It’s not much, but that added greenery makes a heck of a difference.tree



One of them even has a monkey called Clive attached to it. Which may be the closest we come to an office pet for a while – not for lack of trying. I’ll keep you updated about my pursuit for an office pet in the coming issues, because it’s very important (to me). This is the first over-arching story arc – the pursuit for pet. We have plenty of space (outdoors and indoors) and a stimulating environment – yes, I’m including my pro list in the company newsletter because I know the Directors read this, hello!

On the socials side, we’ve been sharing some of our recent projects – Viking Link being chief among them. Here are some image from that project if you missed them the first time around:





Here’s the full post with more information.

That’s about it for this edition – let us know what you want to read about, I will endeavour to deliver on every expectation.

Until then, we hope you have a fantastic month ahead! Stay safe, stay hydrated, stay awesome. It looks like it’s going to be a hot summer.