In this issue: Audits, Recruitment and Our Base of Operation

It’s June (and nearly July!) And while I am loathe to say it out loud, it’s all darker evenings moving forward. I know it’s a common thing to say, but dear me, the year is going too fast.

IMG 5319

Our glorious office.

If you’ve been glancing at our socials, you may have noticed we’ve been on a bit of a nature / office spotlight this month. Worry not, we’ll be returning to the dewatering posts, I promise. It depends whether I can restrain my inner-nature documentary impulses. (If you’re reading this M & G, I promise I’ll reign it in…). One final one, a nice image of the nearby river. OK, I’m done.

IMG 5311


All things Audits…..

Let’s talk updates and brass tacks. The last couple of weeks have been defined by one word: audits. If you work in construction – or indeed any other highly regulated industry – you may have a certain reaction at the word. Audits. Eeeek. It can be a super stressful time of checking and double checking processes, procedures, forms, onboarding… you name it, it goes under the microscope. However, we’re happy to report it was all plain sailing on this side. No issues. (Not that I would mention if there were any issues in this newsletter, we have a reputation to uphold, after all). Done and dusted, we’re all good for another year. *phew*. Audits passed!

In terms of all things ongoing projects, we’re currently demobilising across several sites around the country, so do expect a few more photos and case studies in the coming weeks on our social network. I’ll be posting an in-detail case study tomorrow too, so keep your eyes peeled on our page if that’s of interest. It’s an area I want to build on and flesh out over the coming couple of months, as it will make a nice change of pace from the swallow cam (update: they are still around, but I think we’re coming close to the time we’ll be saying farewell for another year).

And Recruitment

Now, onto our team. We’re growing, and hiring for a number of new positions in our yard and workshop. Here’s a list of open positions on indeed. The office team is also increasing by one too, and I’ll share more details on that next issue. Internally, we’re also undergoing a bit of a digital renaissance, and upgrading within the business to help deliver better services to our clients. That’s an ongoing project, but one we’re making significant progress on, I’ll be able to share more details on that soon too.

So, a bit of a shorter newsletter this time around. Summer months are busy! Keep an eye out for further case studies on the back of the Barrow in Furness post I put up yesterday.

As always, I’m ears open on things you want to hear more about. What do you want from this newsletter? Please do reach out!

Until then, see you in July!